About GoTrip project


About GoTrip project

About our project

This project was won as a startup. The aim of this project is to give the people all needed information and real facts about ecological nature of the world. The first data which is published at the website is related to Uzbekistan's Nature. However, the web site is still under building. Therefore, we will add new page or chapter, where anybody from any point of planet will able to add information about his or her tour at the somewhere and will be able to add photo and video materials. All shared data will be checked by moderators and will be added in the portal.

This web site can be created for all the traveller around the world and can become the platform and international blog, where every traveller can become famous and can share any information about his or her trip.

Therefore, as the founders of this touristic platform, we invite all traveller around the planet to join us and become member of enourmous family.

Said Akramov and Sardor Sharapov
Founders of the GoTrip

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