Zaamin state reserve

Zaamin state reserve

26 сентября 2017

Zaamin State Reserve organized in 1960, located in Zaamin and Bakhmal regions on the area of 26840 hectares.

On the territory of Zaamin State Reserve in the Jizzakh Region of Uzbekistan, which is on the tourist route between Samarkand and Tashkent Zaamin tourism zone is located. It is an ecologically pure region, which has preserved its original appearance and has unique flora and fauna.

It is known from history that Zaamin was a part of one of the most ancient regions in Central Asia: Ustrushana, surrounded by ancient regions: Sogd, Bactria, Fergana and Chach. According to archeological sources, the age of Zaamin exceeds two thousand years old (2nd-1st centuries BC). During excavations archeologists found remains of a settlement aged more than 2500 years.

Zaamin in Persian and Tajik means “agricultural land”, because even in ancient times it was noted for fertile soil. Zaamin State Reserve is located on the area of 24110 hectares and has unique landscape with a distinct mountain range, descending from east to west and covering the middle and high ridge at the altitude from 1760 to 3500 meters above sea level.

Today Zaamin is the green area, rich in various species of birds. In the depths of pine forests you can find such rare birds as a ring dove, bunting, turtle dove, blackbird, Turkestan owl and Turkestan starling. Also here you can find an unusual bird: white-winged grosbeak, with black, yellow and green feathering, which eats conifer seeds. Permanent inhabitants of Zaamin highlands are Turkestan lynx, black stork, Central-Asian ibex and white-clawed bear. The uncommon flora of Zaamin, named as “Uzbek Switzerland”, deserves a special attention. The territory of park is covered with pine and conifer (archa) forests, unique all around Central Asia. There are more than 880 species of plants, and dozens of them are endemic.

In addition to unique nature, Zaamin has rich recreational resources. The national park is an ideal place for ecotourism, and Zaamin mountains are a candidate to the UNESCO List of Natural World Heritage.

Zaamin Reserve is especially beautiful in the spring and autumn. At these seasons the nature of the park is variegated in bright colors and mountain air acquires pleasant freshness. Unique feature of the national protected zone makes Zaamin an ideal place for active tourism and resort-like recreation.