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Introduced tax incentives for the purchase of domestic tours for a period of 3 years

09 марта 2018

The decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP-3514 provides for tax incentives for purchasing tours for employees.

The eighth paragraph of the Decree established the procedure, according to which the costs of the employer for the purchase of domestic tours for employees and members of their families shall be deducted when calculating the tax on profits of legal persons. It should be noted that these expenses will also not be considered as employee income.

If an individual independently buys a domestic tour, the taxable income is reduced by the amount of expenses incurred. Thus supporting documents are:

  • tourist voucher;
  • air and railway tickets;
  • invoices (tickets) of road transport organizations.

The resolution was adopted for the purpose of social and economic development of the regions and familiarization of citizens with the cultural and historical heritage of the country.

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